The Sonoma County Housing Coalition is a broad-based group of interested people working to educate and advocate for housing that serves everyone in our County.

We work with local jurisdictions to share their progress in creating more affordable housing units throughout our community.

We endorse projects that meet our goals of affordability, sustainability, and our State-mandated regional housing needs.

Each year during May we sponsor Affordable Housing Week, where we highlight current housing issues through community meetings, workshops and open houses. We also debut our annual Housing Progress Report and name a local Housing Hero.

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2012 Housing Hero Award Recipient
A single local family has quietly given more than $7 million since 1990 that has kept as many as 45,000 people in Sonoma County from homelessness. The vision of one man to establish a direct assistance program and the steadfast commitment of his family to continue funding the program indefinitely are the reasons this program, known as the HCA Program is the Sonoma County Housing Coalition’s 2012 Housing Hero.

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The Affordable Housing Week will feature the Leadership Breakfast, informative workshops, and open houses at recently developed housing communities.

The Coalition meets quarterly on the fourth Friday at the month.

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Sponsors, Partners and Members

Learn how you can SPONSOR our Affordable Housing Week, PARTNER on a workshop, or become a MEMBER.

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